Na Niby Studio - wizualizacje architektoniczne, wirtualna rzeczywistość | Na Niby Studio - Architectural visualisations, virtual reality
We help our clients see their ideas by creating visualisations – virtual photographs of products, interiors and architecture. We’re also among the world leaders in creating VR applications, taking advantage of the latest computer game-based technologies dedicated to the Oculus Rift VR headset.
architectural visualisations, product visualisations, 3d visualisation, virtual reality
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About us

Why Na Niby Studio?

because we show things that don’t exist yet, things that are difficult to show, and things that have just been designed or are just being implemented. We show space yet to exist, or which will never materialise, or which will remain only in the virtual sphere.

So what do we do? We help our clients see their ideas by creating visualisations – virtual photographs of products, interiors and architecture. We’re also among the world leaders in creating VR applications, taking advantage of the latest computer game-based technologies dedicated to the Oculus Rift VR headset.


Virtual reality


About us

Designs for virtual reality

Imagine that soon we’ll not only be able to play in the virtual world, but also meet friends, learn and trade. A number of people will undoubtedly decide that there are some threats involved – just like how any novelty, like the steam engine, the plane or the cinema used to be perceived. Visionaries, however, go further and recognise the potential of new technologies and see the tangible benefits for individuals as well as societies. As a designer, I consider the emerging VR market to be primarily a design space. Eventually, we’re going to spend a lot of time in it, so we need to make sure that this won’t be wasted time. With that in mind, I make designs for virtual reality in order to make it a useful tool for business executives, teachers and creators. While doing it, I combine 3D graphics, programming, design, film and the game space. And I have a great time!”

Kuba Zychowicz – Art Director of Na Niby Studio

Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you anywhere.

Albert Einstein

Product visualisations

We create realistic 3D visualisations using a convention from studio photography. All we need are dimensioned drawings and information on the materials that will be used in the product. With our help, you’ll be able to display your products on your website or in a catalogue long before they appear in store!

Product visualisations in an interior

Do you want to present your products in superbly arranged interiors? You don’t have to build a special studio. We can create interiors using a 3D visualisation method. Just send us your inspirations and we’ll design a space for you in any scale and style.

Property visualisations

Do you need to show your new investment in a clear and attractive way? We can create photorealistic visualisations of both the exterior and interior of a building. Using your ideas and inspirations, we’ll prepare stunning interior renderings that present the space in the best possible way.

Architectural visualisations

Is photorealism insufficient? If you need interesting visualisations or unique 3D graphics for your website, we’ll be happy to create them for you. This is the kind of work we love. Don’t be afraid to set high expectations. We’ll get the job done!

Visualisations for advertising

Do you represent an advertising agency? Are you interested in studio-quality packshot renderings or any realistic or surrealistic 3D graphics that meet your client’s vision? We’ll be happy to quickly and efficiently create them for you.

Real time visualisations

Would you like your clients to be able to look around your planned development while they’re on your website? We can prepare interactive visualisations for your website which will allow a client to take their own tour of your future building.

3D animations

Apart from self-contained animations, we also create 3D elements to be inserted into a video, shot using a traditional method or with a drone. We can prepare a virtual tour of a planned development or set a selected object in motion.

Virtual reality – Oculus Rift

Do you need a unique gadget for trade fairs or a special sales tool that will allow your clients to enter a space which doesn’t exist yet or which will never exist? We’re among the first to create applications for the Oculus Rift VR headset. We’ll take you and your clients into the future.


interior visualisation / product visualisation

Virtual tour – explore the virtual world on your own

View our demo

Virtual tour without having to install additional software? Visible to your client directly from a web page as a youtube video? Now it’s possible! Allow us to present the innovative Shapespark technology, which will allow an easy, simple way for the user to showcase pending investments.


Thanks to this, your customer will be able to see the apartment they plan to buy in an interactive, transparent form, allowing them to take a full look at the space and all the important details. No need to combine projections and visualizations together – they will take a virtual walk in the space to be created.

Helpful to sales offices

Do you want to gain a competitive advantage by presenting your investments in an original way? Virtual tours allow your target customers to view the apartment in a very realistic way, similar to the actual experience. By choosing this presentation, you will be able to show all the advantages of the apartments you sell.


The Shapespark technology, in which Na Niby Studio creates its virtual tours, is an innovative solution for developers selling premium-category apartments, which will not only create new, attractive features on the website, but also – through its interactive nature, similar to that of computer games – will be an important support in all social channels.

Virtual reality – the only medium capturing 100% of the user’s attention

Dedicated VR applications for the Oculus Rift

Let’s talk
VR for property developers

We create unique virtual walks. After putting on a VR headset, your clients will be able to tour a new property long before it’s completed. They’ll be able to explore for themselves the layout of the rooms and the feel of the space. If they’re wondering whether two larger rooms would suit them better than three smaller ones, virtual reality will undoubtedly help them find out.

VR for manufacturers

Are you an equipment or furniture manufacturer who wants to use a unique way to show their customers how they can arrange their flat or shop with the products you offer? Do you want to extend your 100 m2 showroom by another 200 m2 of virtual reality? Do you want to show different colours or solutions there? We’ll make a VR presentation that meets all your expectations.

VR for trade fairs and events

Do you want to attract customers to your stall and make sure they enjoy themselves and learn about your services or products in an unusual and innovative way? We’ll prepare a VR presentation and a dedicated stand which will make you the company during the event.

VR equipment

Are you wondering whether hiring or buying a dedicated VR work stand is the best for you? We’ll do the calculations and guide you in choosing the right equipment for you to show your VR presentation. We’ll also train you or have trained personnel operate your stand.

Virtual reality

real-life effects


Na Niby Studio

ul. Wadowicka 12/ 422

30-415 Kraków


Tel.: +48 509983670

EU VAT ID: PL 676-235-42-83

Bank account number

PL 62 1140 2004 0000 3202 7514 7603


Who is Na Niby Studio?

We are tech enthusiasts who believe that technology can go hand in hand with aesthetics and functionality, for whom designing is not only a way of earning a living, but also a way of creating the surrounding reality, shaping it to serve contractors, end-customers, and everyone else.

Art Director

Jakub Zychowicz

Tel.: +48 500289873


Managing Director

Agnieszka Zychowicz

Tel.: +48 509983670



Our team consists of CG artists and designers. They work everyday on new concepts and implement them into the projects. They know that success is the result of hard work and constant learning.

CG Artist, Intern

Konrad Kordas

CG Artist, Intern

Magdalena Dobrowolska

CG Artist, Designer

Łukasz Kowalski